Hans Aften
Birthday!!! Yeepeeeh!!!

Hello crazy people!

Today’s my BIRTHDAY! You know!? Sankthansaften is today and I am one year old so I can start my own Blog, finally! Oh, forgot – my name is Hans Aften and since I am the most important member of the project Sankthansaften (SHA) I think it’s about time to create my own platform for all my million fans out there waiting for me to say important things… Oh, sorry, sometimes I digress a little…

Please excuse my mistakes in writing. I’m not used to write in English since my mother language is German although I’m originally Scandinavian! Yes, I am Danish, Swedish and Norwegian all at once. Yes! That’s possible! I am the SHA sheep that’s why. If you don’t understand it, don’t worry, me neither.

So I’ll usually write in English because most of my fans don’t speak German. But of course you can always write in German… or French or Japanese or Greek. I will not understand but it’s probably nice to look at.

Since I’m the most important member of SHA of course I will write about SHA, what’s going on, new songs, gigs, the other not so important members and then in long terms about further concepts which will become official in the next couple months.

Well, folks, now I need to go cause my birthday cake is ready to be eaten. Wish you a nice day and if you want to congratulate me I won’t hinder you. Presents are also welcome. Not money, I don’t like money. At most for SHA. That’ll be fine. And if you like you could have a look here and stay for a while: www.sankthansaften.com

Tk2u (that means talk to you),

yours Hans